Sunday, 25 September
19:00 – Planetarium, Welcome Party

Monday, 26 September
08:00 – Participants registration, Planetarium
09:00 – Opening
Session-1 (T. Bonev)
09:40 – D.Kolev „NAO Rozhen and Bulgarian astronomy” – invited

10:30 – coffee-break

11:00 – B.Kovachev „Key moments in the creation and establishment of the National Astronomical Observatory
11:45 – I.Pamukchiev, P.Hristov, E.Chentsov (in absence)

12:30 – 14:00 lunch

Session-2 (I.Iliev)
14:00 – N.Markova „Wind Variability and Structure in Hot Massive Stars: 30 Years of Progress” –
поканен доклад
14:40 – Iv.Stateva/N.Markova „Results of Model Atmosphere Analysis”
15:10 – L.Iliev „Be Stars Enigma: Research Results and Perspectives”

15:30 – coffee-break

Session-3 (T.Tomov)
16:00 – V.Ivanova „Three Decades of Solar System Research at NAO-Rozhen – History, Results, New Frontiers” – invited
16:40 – T.Bonev “Cometаry Science at NAO Rozhen” – invited
17:10 – G.Borisov „Polarimetry and Photometry of asteroid 21 Lutetia - Pre-Target of Rosetta mission”
17:25 – B.Borisov „Resonances Between Jupiter, Neptune, Terrestrial Planets and Dwarf-Planet Ceres”
17:40 – B.Komitov ”The powerful solar flare on August 9, 2011 and its "traces" VHF radio range

Evening – Ts.Georgiev & E.Ovcharov „Proverbs for Voice and Guitar

Tuesday, 27 September
Session-4 (N.Markova)
09:00 – I.Iliev „Arranging the Puzzle: Thirty Years of Studying Chemically Peculiar Stars“ – invited
09:40 – E.Paunzen „The Group of Lambda Bootis Stars”

10:10 – coffee-break

Session-5 (R.Cabanac)
10:40 – N.Tomov „Thirty Years of Research on Interacting Binaries: Main Results and Conclusions” – invited
11:20 – A.Gupta „Variability of Blazars: A Joint Indo-Bulgarian Project” – invited
12:00 – T.Tomov „Epsilon Aurigae 2009–2011 Eclipse Observations - Status Report”
12:20 – Ts.Georgiev „Morphology of flickering in the cataclysmic variable KR Aur”

13:00 – lunch

afternoon – Smolyan sightseeing, Visiting museums

18:00 – I.Iliev - Public lecture „Under the Rhodopean Sky: Thirty Years Rozhen NAO”, in Planetarium

Wednesday, 28 September
Session-6 (G.Petrov)
09:00 – R.Konstantinova-Antova „Magnetic Аctivity in Intermediate Mass Stars on the Giant Branches: 15 Years Observations at BNAO – Rozhen and Pic du Midi” – поканен доклад
09:30 – S.Tsvetkova „Magnetic Field Structure and Activity in the Single Late Type Giant Beta Cet”
09:50 – A.Antonova „Radio Survey of Ultracool Dwarfs in the Solar Neighbourhood”
10:10 – P.Pessev “Testing the SSP Model Performance Using Multi-Wavelength Photometry”

10:30 – coffee-break

11:00 – E.Paunzen „Rozhen Star Cluster Survey”– поканен доклад
11:30 – G.Petrov „30 Years Studying of Galaxies at NAO Rozhen”
11:45 – I.Bellas „Unresolved Galaxies Classifier for ESA’s Gaia Mission”
12:00 – G.Nikolov „Massive Stars Distribution in Young LMC Star Clusters”
12:15 – Z.Khorrami „Mass Function Evolution of Galactic Star Clusters and Their Dissolution Time”

12:30 – lunch

Session-8 (E.Paunzen)
14:00 – R.Cabanac „Pic du Midi: Past, Present, and Future? A Cautionary Tale for NAO Rozhen” – invited
14:50 – V.Dimitrov „Fiber Fed Echelle Spectroscopy in Poznan”
15:10 – H.Markov „New Perspectives of EBS Investigations in NAO”
15:30 – B.Zhilyaev „The Synchronous Network of Distant Telescopes”
15:45 – D.Marchev „Astronomical Center Shumen University”

16:00 – coffee-break

Session-9 (T.Bonev)
16:30Discussion on the future of the NAO Rozhen
18:00 – Closing the conference

20:00 – The Dinner

Thursday, 29 September
09:00 – Visiting NAO Rozhen
12:00 – Departure to Sofia


List of Posters

P1. Petrov G., Dennefeld M. and Hopp U., Akn144 — remarkable HSBG
P2. Petrov G., Dettmar R., Investigation of B/P galaxies — a joint German-Bulgarian project
P3. Petrov G., Seggewis W., Photometric study of selected Open star clusters in our Galaxy — a joint German-Bulgarian project
P4. P.Pessev, NIR ellipticities of bright Magellanic Cloud clusters
P5. B.Mihov, Scattered light correction and colour coefficients for the 2-m telescope of the Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory
P6. B.Mihov, Bulgarian contribution to the Joint Optical Monitoring Programme of Quasars: photometry of the blazar 3C 454.3
P7. B.Mihov, Intra-night optical monitoring of a sample of BAL QSOs: first results
P8. L.Slavcheva-Mihova, Detailed morphological characterization of selected Seyfert galaxies
P9. L.Slavcheva-Mihova, An emission-line galaxy near Mrk 509
P10. L.Slavcheva-Mihova, Intra-night optical monitoring of a sample of X-ray selected AGNs: first results
P11. V.Radeva, The National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen and International Astronomical Summer Schools for teachers and students
P12. Z.Khorrami, Measurement of the linear velocity of each luminous object, such as meteors, in the night sky
P13. I.Stateva, Search for tidally driven anomalies in the atmospheres of Am stars
P14. V.Umlenski, Българската следа в изследването на малките небесни тела
P15. D.Boneva, Options of the ZEUS code on the study of short-lived processes in white dwarf binaries
P16. Ts.Georgiev, Introduction to fractal analysis of natural structures and phenomena
P17. J.Consejo, Contemporary concepts about the structure of the disk of the Milky Way
P18. G.Apostolovska, Some results of Minor Planet Photometry with Schmidt and 2m telescopes at NAO-Rozhen
P19. M.Belcheva, Surface density distribution of resolved stellar populations in nearby dwarf galaxies
P20. G.Petrov, Studying of selected voids - a German-Bulgarian project
P21. A.Antonova, Dynamic Radio Spetra of the Ultracool dwarfs LP 944-20 and DENIS 1048-3956
P22. M.Tsvetkov, First observations at NAO Rozhen with 2mRCC
P23. K. Yankova, High Еnergetic Corona - support for the entirety of disk
P24. A. Kostov, 11 years of CCD observations of Solar system bodies with 50/70 cm Schmidt telescope of NAO-Rozhen
P25. C. Galan, V383 Sco – a post-AGB star periodically eclipsed by pulsating M type supergiant
P26. G. Belcheva, Photometric Study of Ultracool Dwarfs and M Dwarfs: Preliminary Results